What To Do After A Fire


Experiencing a house fire is the last type of event anyone anticipates, but it can happen without notice and to anyone in the state of North Carolina. It is important to know what to do after a house fire, just in case the inevitable occurs in the future. When you are armed with this knowledge, it is much easier to prevent damage and keep yourself safe.

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First, make sure that everyone in the family is accounted for and is safe. If anyone is injured, obviously call 9-1-1 to get emergency help. If there are no injuries, everyone should get out of the home if it is not safe to stay inside. It is usually best to remain outside until officials arrive. Movement inside the home will cause soot particles to embed into carpet upholstery, and other areas.

You’ll need to cut the electricity off to the home after a fire. You need the fire department to okay the safety of the home. Make sure you remove food from the refrigerator and panty. If the fire was severe, it is probably best to toss these items and replace them. Fire smoke and soot can booth damage food. Wash the houseplants on either side of the leaves and be sure to replace the HVAC filter.

Although you might think it is a good idea to turn on the ceiling fan, this is something to avoid. If the wiring in the walls is damaged, another fire could ignite. It is probably a good idea to call a professional company to schedule restoration services north carolina as well. These professionals have the tools, equipment, and cleaning solutions that remove the damage caused by a fire. They can also provide water remediation services if this is needed.